I have long had a passion for both music and photography, and now it's time to share that passion!


I first fell in love with photography as a kid, when I received my first camera – a blue, Kodak Kids Camera.  Later when I was a teenager I got my first SLR and began reading up on it.  I reverted back to point and shoots to capture most of my college years and then got back into the DSLR realm in 2010.  Since then I’ve been working on acquiring both better gear, and more skillfully capturing images (special thanks to Finn, my dog, for being such a great and understanding model).

I have also had a great passion for music - especially Electronic, Dance, and House.  I tried my hand at doing a bit of music production and found out I wasn’t cut out for it, however DJ’ing has become a weekend hobby of mine.  Where as you used to find me on the dance floor at the club, you will more likely find me at the DJ booth checking out their gear, skills, and methods.

I’m excited to take these two parts of my life to the next level and see where it goes!