My iPhone

I love my iPhone. I had the original iPhone, I was one of those people that stood in line four hours, intending to buy a phone I hadn’t even actually seen in person yet. I had it for some time, but there were so many problems with the original version. One of the first things that I noticed was because I had intended my iPhone to be an iPod replacement. The original though, had a recessed head phone jack, so you could plug just about nothing into it besides the headphones that it came with. I can’t even tell you how aggravating this was. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Of course this was pre apps, this was before being able to text multiple people at once, before copy and paste, before being able to buy ringtones even. Even more ridiculous problems included it being just about the quietest phone one could ever imagine. You could hardly hear it ring at all on full blast. The e-mail access at the time was also significantly more flawed than it is at the moment. You had to tell it to check for e-mails and regular intervals (something you still have to do), but I realized later that whenever it was checking e-mails, if an incoming call came in, it would send it straight to voicemail...

Long story short I opted for the Blackberry, and sold my first generation iPhone. I continued to use the Blackberry for the next few years. I liked it a lot and I became amazingly addicted to the instant e-mail access.

I’ve switched back though... They’ve managed to fix just about all of the problems I had with the device and I think the current iPhone 3G S is just about the best phone that I’ve ever had.

I can’t wait for MMS to start working in September.