The Google Phone: Nexus One

Okay, I’m really excited. Not only is Android a really fantastic operating system, but the devices that it’s been coming out on have been interesting as well. One thing I really don’t like is that the whole world seems to have gotten confused with the Droid thing. Here’s the deal: Droid is a phone, it runs Android (Google’s operating system), Android is on several other devices, and the Droid is not the only ‘Google’ phone out there...

That aside, the reviews on the Droid are fantastic. I’ve gotten a chance to play with one as well! My initial impressions when I saw it were that that little square on the inside was hideous... and it remains so. The funny part is that most of the reviewers seem to have disregarded the QWERTY keyboard in favor of the soft keyboard. Still no multi-touch, however the real star isn’t the hardware, it’s the Android operating system.

This is the only operating system that has anything against the iPhone. Windows Mobile has sucked since it’s conception, and lets face it, Palm just decided to update their operating system from the same crappy Windows 3.1 style they had back when I had a Palm III in 7th grade. Android has apps, which are very in, of course not as many, but who could really expect that? One of the great things that it has going for it, besides the ridiculously amazing ascetics, are the Google apps. The Google Maps app for example has turn by turn audible directions... for free. There is also the search feature that is right on your home screen which is outrageously helpful and amazing. (It secretly does way more than just a web search...)

My opinion is that Google got upset with how Apple is with it’s apps, and how closely it governs what goes on the iPhone (case and point Google Voice). Because of this, they seem to have abandoned the iPhone in a sort of way. They started making their own OS and developing their own apps for their own OS, which are all better than the apps for iPhone. Notice how the apps for the iPhone the maps and earth apps are great, but incomparable to the Android versions? Of greater note, no other Google apps exist besides the catch all Google App, for the iPhone. This app is really just a list of links to web apps, however the Android OS can sync all of your Google stuff, or information you store in the cloud... seamlessly.

More and more people in the tech community are transitioning almost exclusively to things like, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Wave, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, GChat - all of this stuff - and it all works with your Android phone as soon as you put in your google username and password.

I want one.

Good news, Google seems to be developing their own phone... with a newer, faster, better Android operating system. The Nexus One. I want this device. And I’m not going to lie... I’m probably going to get it when it becomes available. It’s rumored to be an unlocked GSM phone (works with AT&T and T-mobile). They’ve supposedly given one to most all of the employees in an all hands meeting. I got a pen at my last all hands meeting, it had some horrific smelling hand sanitizer though, so that’s good

I have to say though... my apps really are keeping me glued to my iPhone. Also keeping me on my iPhone and with a MobileMe subscription is the ability for everything to sync over the air from my laptop, desktop and iPhone. But... Android can do the same, I just don’t yet have one.