Moore's Law

The end of the year brings into focus some of major advancements in computing and technology: Kindles, GPS and turn-by-turn directions, iPods, Google, Blackberries, and the iPhone, just to name a few.

I recall when I first learned of Moore's Law thinking that it was some sort of geek constructed joke. No. Moore's Law is an actual thing, and it has held true for the past 40 years, since it's conception. Moore's Law states that the size of hardware will reduce and computing power will increase by factor of two every 18-24 months. Think about that... computing power has steadily increased - exponentially actually - for the past 40 years, with no end in sight. It's amazing. In many ways Moore's Law is more than just a name for the trend line, it's also a major driver for the industry... companies like Intel want to be the ones that keep up. Moore's Law both tracks and encourages industry improvement.

I resist the urge to expound on this. Read up on it, it's amazing isn't it?